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Bitumen Road Construction Steps

Bitumen Road Construction Steps involve many processes. It has important properties and advantages.The Bitumen Road Construction use in the construction of roads worldwide. Bitumen uses in construction for its unique properties. For the construction of a flexible road, smooth ride and comfort, bitumens use in the construction of the road.

Bitumen Road Construction Steps

The Bituminous road construction steps are as follows

  • Surface Preparation
  • Application of Coats
  • placing
  • Rolling
  • Quality control
  • Finishing

1. Surface Preparation

Preparation is the first step in the Bitumen Road Construction Steps. It is the cleaning of surfaces from hard rocks, stones holes, dust, and other materials. The uneven surface to fill with 12 mm to 40 mm aggregates. If the uneven surfaces are large coarse aggregates uses for filling. These fillings to make before the laying of the surface course.

Bitumen Road Constructions Steps

2. Application of Coats

Bitumen Road Construction Steps

The second major step involves in Bitumen Road Construction steps is the application of coatings. A bituminous base course and a binder course to apply on ready surface. This coats name as tuck coat. This coating sprays or spreads manually or by machinery. These coatings spread to certain square meters according to the size of roads and pavements. It applies in 6 kg to 7.5 kg per 10 square meters.

Bitumen Road Construction Steps

3. Placing

The placing of bitumen and aggregates are the next step after application of coatings. The bitumen heats and transports from plant to the site with the help of trucks.

These mix with the aggregates and places with the help of modern machinery. Mixing and placing to take great care to provide a good pavement. A control climatic conditions to maintain according to mix. This increase the lifetime of roads.

4. Rolling

Rolling operations carries to provide a good compaction. This fills the air pores and loose soil in the surface course. These rollings make by mechanical rollers. The capacity of rollers to be 10 to 12 tonnes.

A pneumatic roller of 15 to 30 tones having a tire pressure of 7kg per use for roads. The wheels of the roller to keep wet with water at rolling. The number of rolling depends on the thickness of the layer.

5. Quality control

Quality control is the main thing in Bitumen Road Construction step. This includes checking of bitumen and the aggregates. some of the small quantity collects at site and test is made to provide a good quality of roads. And this quality test to take a particular, distance of road construction. A good quality road provides a long life. And prevents accidents on roads due to damages.

Bitumen Road Constructions Steps

6. Finishing

Finishing includes a proper finish of construction. It includes alignment, clearing undulations, etc. This finishing make with machines and by manually. With machines, it carries with pavers. It is most use nowadays in the construction of the roads.



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