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Bitumen Road Construction

Bitumen Road Construction has significant properties and various advantages.The Bitumen Road Construction mostly employs in the construction of roads worldwide. It is an organic material occurs naturally and artificially by distillation of petroleum. Bitumen uses in construction mainly for its unique properties. For the construction of a flexible road and for a smooth ride and comfort bitumen employes.

Use of Bitumen Road Construction

The main uses of Bitumen road constructions are for its

  • Economic conditions
  • Physical properties
  • Melting point
  • Recycling properties
  • Adhesive Nature
  • Varieties of Colour

1. Economic conditions

Bitumen forms by distillation process of petroleum and oil product like crude oil, etc. Crude oil itself is a composition of hydrocarbons. On refining process bitumen gains as a waste. The treatment of the waste makes an impurities-free bitumen.

Bitumen Road Construction

The primary oil products consumption rate is high worldwide. This increase the demand for oil products like petrol, etc. Increase in oil productions forms more waste which is processing as bitumen in treatments. And bitumen obtains easily without any extra or a new manufacturing process. And widely employs as a construction material without the requirement of other new sources.

2. Physical Properties

Bitumen Road Construction

Bitumen acts as a thermoplastic and it is a viscoelastic material. It is easy to handle the bitumen at normal condition. The physical and the chemical properties of Bitumen cause a flexible pavement and roads. The bitumen is rigid in cool climates and flexible in high temperatures make a smooth movement. The bitumen mix properties vary base on the stress levels.

3. Melting Point

Bitumen Road Construction

The melting point of bitumen is low. It makes the melting progress faster and reduces work timings. And operations like surface dressing, wearing resistance are completing quickly within time. At high temperatures, the aggregate composition covers the effect of deformation of bitumen. As its melting point is low.

4. Recycle

Bitumen Road Construction

Other construction materials are rarely recyclable and mostly employes for landfills. In bitumen, it is easily recyclable. It transports to a recycling plant. It recycles and if necessary old bitumen mix with new bitumen and new aggregates forms. This process is asphalt recycling process.

5. Adhesive Nature

Bitumen Road Construction

It is Adhesive in nature. It is free from hydrocarbon and other chemicals. And it is not toxic. The by-product refines mostly to get rid of organic materials and impurities. The materials in the road mix bind together under strong bonds. This makes mix stronger and after setting time and ready for vehicle movement.

6.  Varieties of Color

Bitumen Road Construction

Bitumen is naturally black in color as the organic material in bitumen is black in color. In modern constructions with the help of technology, coloring pigments add in bitumen to obtain desire varieties of color. This makes coloring bitumen costly as it needs high chemicals.

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