Cement is an important material in the building construction. It is a fine powder. And use to hold the construction materials together. It is the main component of concrete. And it is an economic material using in construction.


It is an important material in the construction. And replace clay and lime uses in construction from old times. It has an ability to hold the structure together.

And occurs by burning the mixture of limestone and clay at high temperature. And it forms a  product clinker. A specific quantity of gypsum adds with it and reduce to fine particles known as Cement. The most popular type is Portland Cement. On setting and hardening, it occurs like sandstone in Portland in England and denotes as Portland Cement.

Cement uses

It uses as a basic building material in the construction of structures. Mainly structures like, dams, bridges, apartments, water tanks, cooling towers, and chimneys.

Mortar obtains by mixing it with sand, water and use for masonry works. And mainly plastering of inner faces, outer faces of wall and ceilings.

Quick setting cement prefers for underwater construction and bridges across river and sea.

Expansive cements use to repair damage concrete structures.

It uses in jointing of the concrete pipes.

Cement concrete use for laying roofs, floors, columns, beams, slab, foundation, staircase and more.

White and Rapid hardening cement use for decorative purposes and for quick construction.

To provide color finishes to floors like swimming pools, outer surfaces of building a special type of color cement employs.

It uses in the construction of precast concrete pipes, drainage sewers.

High strength cement uses to repair damage concrete structures. And in the construction of the multi-story complex.

Use in railway platforms, fencing posts and seats in the parks.

It uses to manufacture precast Elements, Pcc and Rcc.

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