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Concrete Proportioning and Properties

Concrete Proportioning and Properties are the two main fundamental things a civil engineer has to know about the construction.  Concrete possess certain Proportioning and Properties. These Concrete Proportioning and Properties are as follows

Concrete Proportioning and Properties

Concrete Proportioning and Properties


The concrete in the construction field using for construction has many classifications. There are different grades of concrete in construction. These grades design according to the strength of concrete. It bases on the calculation of time period the concrete attains full strength. The grades of concrete are

M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M35, M40.

The letter M denotes the mix. And the number indicates the compressive strength of concrete gain at 28 days in N/mm². M5 and M7.5 concrete grade of concrete use only for a simple foundation for masonry purposes. The grade of concrete below M15 not to use for Reinforce Cement Concrete. M20, M25, and M30 are the most common grade of concrete using in the modern construction field.

Concrete Proportioning and Properties

Some of the nominal mixes and mixing proportions are as follows

  • M5    Grade of concrete – 1:5:10
  • M7.5 Grade of concrete – 1:4:8
  • M10  Grade of concrete – 1:3:6
  • M15  Grade of concrete – 1:2:4
  • M20  Grade of concrete – 1:1½:3
  • M25  Grade of concrete – 1:1:2
  • M30  Grade of concrete – 1:1:3

Properties of Concrete

Some of the main and unique properties of concrete are its workability and water-cement ratios.

1. Workability

The ability of fresh mix concrete to fill the mold with proper vibration and poring method is workability. Workability depends on the water content, aggregate, binding materials, chemicals in concrete. Increasing water content and chemicals increase the strength and workability of concrete. Excessive water and chemicals lead to bleeding of the concrete/segregation. This leads to forming honeycomb in concrete structures. A good slump value to maintain in concreting for high strength.

2. Water-cement ratio

It is the weight of the mixing water divided by the weight of the cement. High-quality concrete produces by lowering the water-cement ratio without losing the workability of fresh concrete. And allowing it to properly place and cure.

A properly design mixture possesses desire workability for the fresh concrete and the long-life and strength of the concrete.

Concrete Proportioning and Properties

General properties of concrete

Some of the general properties of concrete are,

It possesses a high compressive strength and strength depends on the mix.

It hardens with age.

Free from corrosion and withstand chemical attacks

Bind strongly with steel as it is weak in tension



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