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15 Types of Cement in construction

There are many types of cement produces to fulfill the needs in construction Industry. By changing compositions and adding substances different types of cement forms.

Types of Cement

The Types of Cement

  1. Ordinary Portland Cement
  2. Acid Resistance Cement
  3. Rapid Hardening Cement
  4. Sulpher Resisting Cement
  5. White Cement
  6. Colour Cement
  7. High Strength Cement
  8. High Alumina Cement
  9. Quick Setting Cement
  10. Hydrophobic Cement
  11. Expansive Cement
  12. Masonry Cement
  13. Blast Furnace Cement
  14. Low Heating Cement
  15. Air-entraining Cement
  16. Pozzolana Cement

1. Ordinary Portland cement

It is the most common type of cement use. It produces in different grades. The most common is Grade-53, 43 and 33. It uses for construction of residential, commercial and other constructions. It forms by burning clay and limestone at high temperature. And grinding it with Gypsum.

2. Acid Resistance Cement

It uses for acid-resistance in the chemical industry. It uses for the storage of acids and chemicals in large Tanks. And it prevents white blooming and efflorescence in storage tanks.

Types of Cement

3. Rapid Hardening Cement

It uses in the urgent repair works, concreting in cold weather. And it attains high strength quickly.  It mainly uses in the field of Marine structures, airfield, highway pavements and in bridge decks.

4. Sulpher Resisting Cement

It uses in the structure affects by sulfate attacks. It uses mainly in the construction of water supply, sewage treatment plant, dams, and Lining of canals.

5. White Cement

It is white in color. And does not contains any coloring chemicals. It uses for architectural decorative purposes and in aerodromes. It is costly.

6. color Cement

This cement contains coloring pigments. The amount of coloring material varies from 5 to 10%. chromium gives green color. Cobalt gives a blue color. And iron oxides give a brown color. It uses in swimming pools, garden parks, tennis courts, and for finishing of floors and external surfaces.

Types of Cement

7.  Hige Strength Cement

High Strength Cement uses in the construction of special types of work to increase the strength of the structure. It uses for multi-story complex, railway sleepers, prestressed concrete and precast constructions.

8. High Alumina Cement

It contains 32% of alumina in it. Its setting time is more than 3.5 hours. And gives more time for mixing and placing of operations. It generates a large amount of heat mixing with water. So it not affects by frost. It uses in chemical plants and furnace insulations.

9. Quick Setting Cement

It sets quickly. And consist of less amount of gypsum. The initial setting time is 5 minutes. And final setting time is 30 minutes. It mainly uses int the construction of a bridge across river and sea.

10. Hydrophobic Cement

Hydrophobic Cement mainly uses to store cement for a long time in wet climatic conditions. And at aqua constructions.

11. Expansive Cement

On curing cement shrinks normally. But in this type of cement, it expands on curing. It mainly uses for water retaining structures like sumps, dams water tanks and for repairing concrete structures.

12. Masonry Cement

It has high workability, plasticity, and water retaining properties. It uses in preparing of cement mortar and plaster.

13. Blast Furnace Cement

It produces by adding slag obtains from the blast furnace. And consists of alumina, silica, and lime. It gains strength slowly. So it not uses in RCC structures.

14. Low Heating Cement

It uses to reduce the heat produces at setting time of concrete. It has low compressive strength. And uses mainly for mass concrete works.

15. Air-entraining Cement

It is a type of Portland cement. It contains an additive that causes small air bubbles in wet concrete. The bubbles relive internal pressure on concrete by providing tiny chambers. For the expansion of water when it freezes. It gives high resistance to severe frost action.



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