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Qualities of Good Brick

There are certain Qualities of Good Brick. A Good Brick has certain physical and chemical properties. Bricks use in new constructions and make renovations right across the world. Brick is a soundproof, fire resisting material. As it posses these characteristics it uses to construct partition walls in Industries. And employes for home extensions, walls of different thickness, other home building projects. It is cheap, hard, durable and easy to handle and to work with.  These properties make brick a  leading building material.

Qualities of Good Brick

The Qualities of a Good Brick base on its

  • Size and Shape
  • Color of Brick
  • Sound
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Good Brick Earth
  • Water absorption
  • Resistivity

1. Size and Shape

Classification of Bricks

Brick has a standard shape, uniform size, plain surfaces and sharp edges. It is rectangular in shape. The standard size of a good quality Brick is 19cm x 9cm x 9cm.

2. Color of Brick

Qualities of Good Brick

The natural variations in aggregates vary throughout the globe, so colors of Bricks vary. The normal brick is copper color. The color varies in several classifications of bricks. Low-quality and fourth class bricks are dark in color.

3. Sound

A good quality Brick gives a clear ringing sound struck with another brick. A metallic sound hears clearly striking a brick with a hammer.

4. Strength

A good quality Brick is hard and strong. Scratching on the surface of bricks there are no impressions on faces. It has a relatively high compressive strength.

5. Durability

It has a certain durability. Dropping from a height of one meter on a flat hard surface it never breaks. It is a homogenous and well compact structure free from cracks and voids.

6. Good Brick Earth

It is well burnt in clamps and kilns. And free from earth containing organic matters, foreign materials, and chemical salts.

7. Water Absorption

Water more than twenty percent not absorbs by immersing the brick in cold water for twenty-four hours.

8. Resistivity

A good quality Brick is a soundproof and fire resistant. It is a good abrasion resistant material.

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  1. I never knew that the darker the color of the brink, the lower its quality. With this in mind, I will make sure that my uncle will be choosing a light-colored brick so that he will be using the best quality for his garden. He plans to buy bricks to create a small faux well in their property to surprise my aunt because wells fascinate her. Thanks for the tips!

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