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RCC Columns Pedestals and Footings

RCC Columns Pedestals and Footings is to give good strength and durability to structural members. Improper concrete leads to corrosion of steel by pores, cracks in concrete. This cause concrete not to achieve its strength in the setting. This leads failure of columns, pedestals, footings during occupancy of the structure.




RCC Columns Pedestals and Footings work inspection

  1. Inspection for strength, leakage, and finish.
  2. Reinforcement inspection, lap length, correct lapping.
  3. Inspection of concrete cover.
  4. Alignment of the structural member.
  5. Availability of sufficient construction material at the site.
  6. Availability of vibrators.
  7. Proper safety PPEs and safety measures.
  8. A Proper ratio of mix
  9. Availability of slump testing equipment.
  10. Availability of cube casting equipment.

After the inspection concreting work starts.

1. Concrete cover

Rcc columns pedestals and footings

Concreting of RCC columns, pedestals and footings starts from the center of vertical bars and go towards the ends.

2. Vibration

Rcc columns pedestals and footings

Vibrate concrete at regular intervals to spread evenly on all sides. Avoid Over vibration of concrete. Over vibration of concrete leads to segregation of coarse aggregates which settles at the bottom making the mix weak.

3. key

Rcc columns pedestals and footings


Provide proper keys in the center of column reinforcement and walls. This is to provide a proper grip between concrete of stem part with footing, walls, foundations. Apply 1:1 ratio of cement and sand slurry. This avoids separation of stem/ wall where a cold joint forms.

4. Starters

RCC columns pedestals and footings

After concreting of the footing in a day or two starters for column and wall to cast with proper alignment. And again the upper surface of starter is making rough. In green concrete, place coarse aggregate outside and part goes inside by the spread and light press. This measure provides a proper grip on the surfaces.

5. Dowel

RCC columns pedestals and footings

Dowel to Insert between the outer main bar of wall and column. It provides grip between old and new concrete surfaces. This dowel is 600 to 800 mm cut pieces of bars. Inserts in green/wet concrete such a way that half-length is projecting and half-length is inside concrete.




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