There are many Types of Metal Sleepers using in the construction of railway rail tracks. As it satisfies all the needs of a sleeper it is using mostly in the construction of railway rail tracks.

Types of Metal Sleepers

Types of Metal Sleepers

There are many Types of metal Sleepers using in the construction of railway rail tracks. The following types of  Metal Sleepers are as follows,

Cast iron Sleepers and

Steel Sleepers

1. Cast iron Sleepers

The Cast iron sleepers are using widely in the construction of railway rail tracks. Cast iron are of many types as follows,

  • Bowl or Pot sleepers
  • Plate sleepers
  • Box sleepers
  • C.S.T-9 sleepers
  • Rail Free Duplex  sleepers.

Bowl or Pot sleepers

It consists of two bowl or pots placed inverts on ballast. The main feature of these sleeper are, that it is on the top of pot a rail seat or a chair provides to hold the flat footed and Bull headed rails.

Plate sleepers

These Plate sleepers are rectangular in shape. The plates are parallel to the rails. The plates are fix in position with the tie bars. These connections are being similar to that of pot sleepers. The pot and plate sleepers are us with flat footed and Bull headed rails.

Box Sleepers

Box Sleepers are in box shapes. The box sleepers are not using nowadays in the modern construction of railway rail tracks.

 C.S.T-9 sleepers

It has a triangular inverted pot on either side of the rail seat. And having a plate with a projecting rib and a box on the top of the plate. The connections are by means of rods of various types. These sleepers are easily assemble and dismantle without using mechanical equipment.

Rail Free Duplex  sleepers

A joint sleeper of cast iron known as rail Free Duplex sleepers has been use as a rail joints in conjunction with it. These sleepers use to prevent the cantilever action between the two supports of the sleeper joints

2. Steel Sleepers

Most of the tracks lays with the metal sleepers. The following types of  Steel Sleepers are as follows,

  • Key Type
  • Clip-Bolt Type
  • Spring Type

Key Type

Keys are use to hold the rail in sleepers. These keys are fix on both sides of sleepers to hold it tight. These keys are fix on opposite directions to each other.

clip-Bolt Type

This sleeper employs a bolt and clip for holding the rail. The four clip and bolt use for holding the rails. By using different types of the clips the sleepers use for any section of rail. The size of clip depends upon the weight of rails.

Spring Type

The rail seat is strengthened by a spring plate having two holes in sleepers on either sides.

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