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Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection of underwater pile is essential in aqua construction. Eliminating this corrosion problem is very hard, the corrosion is control by using corrosion protection methods.

Corrosion Protection Methods for Underwater Piles

Protective Coatings for Underwater Piles

Protective coating for underwater piles is necessary as it causes corrosion of piles. The Corrosion protection of underwater pile methods provides a great solution to corrosion of underwater piles.

The surface of pile comes in contact with water, corrosion in piles forms. To protect the piles from coming in contact with water, the pile is cover with non-porous material which is anti-corrosive. There is some non-corrosive chemical materials use in corrosion of underwater piles. Several chemical coating uses for corrosion protection.

The different types of coatings employes for underwater piles are mention below:

  • High build Epoxy coatings
  • Zinc Rich epoxy primer
  • FRP composites
  • Inorganic zinc silicate primers

1. High Build Epoxy Coatings

Corrosion protection

These epoxy coatings are abrasion and chemical resistant. These epoxy coatings provide a high level of service and more tolerant ambient weather conditions. And most effective in maintaining the damage area and breakdown of a coating system.

2. Zinc Rich Epoxy Primers

Zinc Rich epoxy primer is a mixture of  Inorganic Zinc Silicates Primer and High Build Epoxy Coating. It provides a high level of service and more tolerant ambient weather conditions. And most effective in maintaining the damage area and breakdown of a coating system.

3. Application of FRP Composites for Corrosion Protection of Underwater Piles

Corrosion protection

FRP a mix of wet concrete is economic to repair on substructure parts. Repair of this parts requires the enlargement to accommodate new ties. Completely corroded part of the elements should remove by using FRP.

spreading of corrosion to other piles are protect by FRP. The aesthetics of FRP repair is one of its unheralded benefits.

4. Inorganic Zinc Silicates Primers

Corrosion protection

The structure below the splash zone always immerse in water are commonly not coat with cathodic protective layers. There are numerous types of anti-corrosive pigment primers in which inorganic zinc silicate is the best. It arrests rust creep or undercutting of the coating surrounding.



  1. Technology is changing at a faster rate.Its very difficult to make the pipes corrosion free specially the pipes which are underwater.Amazing technology you people have used to make the pipeline corrosion free .Amazing article.

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