Reinforcement Cover

Reinforcement Cover

Reinforcement Cover is essential to the steel reinforcement bars. Bars are surrounding sufficient impermeable concrete to protect from corrosion. And to allow the combined strength of the reinforcement and concrete to be effective.

Reinforcement Cover


Place the steel bars into position after Binding. keep the bars at a correct distance from the surface with spacers. Pour concrete and erect formwork. Steel place close to the surface become exposed to moisture and forms corrosion.


Spacers are of plastic, mortar, and steel. Plastic spacers make to fit particular bar size and give specified depths of cover. Small mortar blocks use to tie the reinforcement bars using soft iron binding wire. If ends of ties bent away from the surface of concrete, wire cause corrosion of reinforcement. The structure is not in a corrosive atmosphere and exposes to water, use steel spacers. The required amount of cover is to specify.

Pre-Concrete Checks for Reinforcement

The pre-concrete check for reinforcement is essential.

It is in two parts.

  • The first part is a visual inspection.
  • The second part by a surveyor.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is simply seeing materials as it is in the correct form. And the materials are free from damages. Some f them are as follows.

Check cover thickness Using a steel tape and spacers which falls or brakes and replace it.

Check the reinforcement bars are free of excessive rust and not cover in mud from foot traffic.

The bottom of the concrete pour is free of debris including the cutoffs from the steel tying bars.

check for under-bent bars and allow the correct cover and correct spacing.

Image show reinforcement has not place correctly in the concrete formwork.

Reinforcement Cover

Images show correct way of placing of reinforcement in the concrete form works.


Reinforcement Cover


The second part carries out by a surveyor. Surveyor checks the steel levels against required levels. make to pour if levels are satisfactory.

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