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Air Transport

Air Transport is the major means of transport. It is the fastest means of transport. It is mainly for the large and quick travel all around the globe. And uses for goods movement across the word. It is the important means of passenger transportation. It connects the Continents. And made many countries grow faster. It Makes possible to fly over the mountains, oceans, forest areas, where humans cant travel.

Air Transport

Features of Air Transport 

It is an necessary form of long-distance transportation. Using this, the humans can roam all around the globe. And helps generating the trade. It supports promoting the tourism. The Journey to faraway places reaches quickly without break. And provides a great comfort on travelling. It connects the international boundaries easily. And fly the peoples from different places to cross international barrier. And to shift for the other nations for personal, business, medical and the educational purposes.

Air Transport

Air cargos uses most to speed up the human lives. It makes a revolution in the goods Export & Imports. Supports the nations to increase in their income. It creates a vast employment opportunities. Plays a vital role in the growth of Economy of the developing countries.

Air Transport

The goods delivers within a short period of time. It plays an important role in the Defense Sectors. And it increases the revenue of territories by the passengers and the cargo Shipments. It saves the travelling time of both the passenger & freights. And enables to ship the costly and the valuable products to the faraway places. Helps to shift the necessary thinks in emergencies, like medicines, food & Shelters in the time of natural disasters. And possible to access the remote areas at the times of wars, conflicts and natural calamities.

Air Transport

Characteristics of Air Transport

It is the fastest and quickest. The Special characteristics of airways is, it does not requires a definite route for its functioning. And does not possess any physical barriers like the other mode of transport. It makes the shortest and the direct routes over the seas, mountains & the forests. It has certain Advantage and disadvantages.




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